The Instructor


Dr. Moattari completed his M.D. degree in 1995, a Certificate in Integrated Environmental Management from Brown University, and a Dr.P.H. in international health from Boston University.

Dr. Moattari has expertise in the following subject areas: global health, environmental health, road traffic injuries, and social entrepreneurship.

He has also extensive background in the following methodologies: community based participatory program development, participatory learning and action methodology, translational research (evidence to policy), and systematic review.

Dr. Moattari has worked in the US and internationally with a number of organizations, including but not limited to Brown University, the University of Florida, Boston University,  the Harvard Initiative for Global Health, the Small Grants Program of the Global Environmental Facility (SGP.GEF), and Welfare Organization.

Dr. Moattari is currently working on developing new methods for conducting rapid health impact assessments in urban settings.

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