Azumio: a leader in mobile health apps

by Mahesh Vasudevan on April 30, 2014

By Mahesh Vasudevan on April 30, 2014




The mobile health application spike has been an amazing one in recent history, with Azumio at the forefront. Azumio has launched a variety of great apps  including My Fitness Buddy, Instant Heart Rate and Sleep Time.


Smartphones have developed so much with new technology, that it is even changing the health field. Azumio has taken advantage of this, creating applications that turn phones into health measuring devices. Some of Azumios applications include measuring heart rate, analyzing sleep and acting as a functional activity tracker. Azumio began as a startup in Silicon Valley 2 years ago and is widely popular today, with 40 million different users to date.


Azumio acquired mobile health application manufacturer SkyHealth in 2012. Although details were not disclosed, Azumio had a lot to gain from the deal. SkyHealth’s assets include Fitness Buddy and Glucose Buddy, the latter being the most downloaded mobile application to monitor glucose levels. Tom Xu, CEO of SkyHealth, was elated about the buyout. He exclaimed “Now, with Azumio, we have the resources and experience to create a mobile health and fitness platform that will impact hundreds of millions of consumers” (Versel).


Besides its buyout of SkyHealth, Azumio has plenty to be be proud of from its own standpoint. Azumio has created incredible applications, with its flagship app being Instant Heart Rate. The application was the conuuction of Azumio CEO Bojan Bernard Bostjancic and Peter Kuhar. Bostjancic, upset with paying $200 for a heart rate monitor, teamed up with Kuhar to use mobile technology to develop their heart rate monitor. It is used by holding one’s finger on the camera and with the application, the phone can detect heart rate (Kim). This application is meant to be a great companion for exercisers to use during their workouts. The application exceede 25 million downloads. Kuhar lauds the application, stating “It’s a wellness tool that you can carry with you 24/7.” Kuhar goes on to comment that the app gives users a general idea of their health, their level of exertion and figure out if their heart is functioning well (Rabinovitz).


Azumio’s latest innovation is Argus. Argus acts as a “do-all application.” It tracks movement and takes food input. Argus uses th iPhone’s accelerometer to track movement and not drain battery life. To take food and drink into account, users can take pictures of it and select which food group it belongs to. The application even takes sleep into account. Kuhar had high praise for Argus. “It’s not just another app, it’s a whole service, a smart engine we’re building in the background. In the future, it’ll be the only health app you need” (Cornstock). With applications like Instant Heart Rate and Argus, Azumio’s biofeedback applications are incredibly successful and innovative.


Azumio is playing a large role in the development of mobile health applications. Turning smartphones into tools to measure health. They give consumers less of a dependency on expensive health tools and a greater sense of indepndence and control. Azumio’s applications also give more access to those people who cannot afford expensive health tools, which may have a large impact in the near future. With the advent of mobile health applications, it is positive to see a great leader like Azumio at its forefront.



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