Stop A-Salting Your Food

by Alexandria Chaitin on April 29, 2014

By Ali Chaitin

Scientists Link Processed Foods to Autoimmune Diseases

Salt is essential to our diet in order to control blood pressure and volume. It is also necessary for muscles and nerves to operate correctly. Today in modern America everything is about convenience and speed. Unfortunately, this is a common theme with our food as well.  We should begin to pay more attention to what we put into our bodies, because the substances we eat may be more harmful that we know. According to scientists- processed foods, fast foods and microwaved meals are to blame for the recent increase of autoimmune diseases.

This study was administered by a group of scientists at Yale University University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, in Germany. The scientists observed that processed, fast, and junk foods are the largest sources of sodium intake in the United States.  Since the U.S. government does not control the amount of salt allowed into our foods, fast food restaurants are allowed to go “salt-crazy.”

For example, a Premium Grilled Chicken Ranch BLT Sandwich at Mcdonalds is only 440 calories and contains 14 grams of fat. What you may not be looking for is sodium, which this sandwich has a whopping 1210 mg of sodium. The AI(adequate intake) of sodium is 1500 milligrams therefore the Premium Grilled Chicken Ranch BLT Sandwich  has 80% of the recommended daily intake of sodium.

Intrigued by the large amount of sodium added to foods, the team at Yale University conducted a study of the T-helper cells in the body. T cells play a large role in the immune response. According to science daily: “ T-cells are especially important in cell-mediated immunity, which is the defense against tumor cells and pathogenic organisms inside body cells.” Therefore, T- cells are essential to our immune system and to how our body is able to fight infections.

In another study, scientists saw that exposing the T cells to a large amount of salt caused them to act more “aggressively.” In an experiment with mice, they saw that when they fed them a diet high in refined salts, the cells in the nervous system promoted inflammation.

According to the study, “They were also more likely to develop a severe form of a disease associated with multiple sclerosis in humans.” Therefore, our bodies will attack itself if we continue to eat highly processed or salted foods.

According to the study, refined, processed and bleached salts are the ones that are causing us trouble. So continue to eat salt, but be aware of how much you are consuming so you don’t sabotage your diet.

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