Global Warming Warning

by Andrea Renaud on April 19, 2014

The existence of global warming has long been debated. Those who do not think global warming exists attribute the hot days getting hotter and the cold days getting colder to the natural rhythm of the Earth, but the scientists who back up global warming claim the Earth’s changing atmosphere is causing these weather changes that are only going to become worse and more extreme over the next few years. No matter your opinions on the causes of Earth’s changing atmosphere, a huge concern for everybody should be the relatively rapidly changing weather patterns that are predicted to become even more extreme and deadly over the next few years.
First, Hurricane season is expanding. The storms are getting stronger and wind speed is speeding up. Hurricane wind speeds are expected to increase up to 11% over the next decade. Rainfall during those hurricanes is expected to increase up to 31% over the next decade, as well ( Warm ocean surface temperatures are the main energy source fueling hurricanes and, thanks to global warming, ocean temperatures are steadily increasing, and this contributes the increasing severity of the hurricanes each year. In 2005, a Georgia Institute of Technology showed that the number of category 4 and 5 hurricanes had almost doubled over the past 35 years ( This isn’t by chance. Global warming is causing ice caps to melt, subsequently causing sea levels to rise. This is extremely dangerous for coastal towns and cities, as people living there are offered no natural barrier from the ocean during powerful storms and hurricanes.
In addition to extreme hurricanes and other natural disasters, the future will hold more extreme and lengthy heat waves, causing droughts and dangerous conditions for humans. Dr. Amanda Staudt, a scientist at the National Wildlife Federation, says, “”That means air pollution in urban areas could get worse, bringing increased risk of heart attacks, strokes and asthma attacks. Children, the elderly, poor, and people of color are especially vulnerable to these effects” ( Heat waves will cause a public health disaster that will be hard to fix, and likely many lives will be lost during the heat wave. These droughts will also disrupt the United States’ agricultural sector and further disrupt our economy and food supply. As global warming worsens, so will these conditions.
On the other end of the spectrum, the extreme cold and winters are changing. Depending on where in the country you live, it may not seem like it, but winters are becoming shorter. Since the 1970s, average winter temperatures across the country have increased on average by 4 degrees, and spring is arriving nearly two weeks earlier than it did twenty years ago ( This increase in temperature sooner in the year is causing many problems, including a huge one with pests. Pests are no longer being kept out of northern states by frost and winter weather, so they are rapidly spreading to the northern states and causing diseases – a huge percentage of these pests are ticks, which carry Lyme disease (
As you can see, Global warming has the potential to be the biggest cause of public health crises. It is causing our weather to become more extreme. Summers, winters, and naturals disasters are going to intensify. This global warming is believed to be caused by humans, so if we want anything to change, we need to focus on changing our behavior, or we’ll face more extreme weather like Hurricane Sandy and Hurricane Katrina.


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