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by Nikiga Shah on March 28, 2014

Hello Again! My name is Nikiga Shah and I am student studying the varying problems that our community has. Upon my research I stumbled upon energy conservation and became fascinated with the topic. Do we use too much energy for our own good? I was determined to find out.

According to Einstein, energy cannot be created or destroyed, so, how do we conserve the energy that we have? Conservation of energy in our world today is difficult. It seems most of our appliances and necessary daily tasks require it. For example, the smart phone that you might have in your pocket and the lights near your desk at your work space. We, as a cohesive unit, realize that energy is needed on a daily basis, but we do not know how much we use or even how much we can use. We treat energy frivolously. The thought is we have conservation methods in place, so we will use the renewable energy they produce. In place today we have windmills, and other ad campaigns so people are aware and conscience of their own personal energy usage.  In many countries such as India and Japan, they have started ad campaigns to halt the overuse of energy in particular areas of the city due to a tragic natural disaster.

Sustainability is an interesting topic to discuss. Sustainability is the renewal and reuse of any object, including energy, for the welfare of future generations. Today we have sustainability projects and endeavors, but we forget that every person needs to engage in sustainability. If we spend all of our time recycling energy there are still some people that cannot engage in the reuse and renewal of objects because that is not something they can afford. The affordability of renewable substances and the projects that they require is not compatible with the lifestyle of others in the lower spectrum in our world.

So how can we make conserving energy easy and efficient? Alternative fuels are one, but the most important step as of right now, is to educate the population that we plan to save energy. It is a hard topic to grasp and fully understand from commercial ads and campaigns. If we enlighten the audience that we plan to appeal, we should educate others about the ways to conserve energy, the types of alternative energy that we have today and, what we plan to do in the future. Most importantly what they can do as a unit to help the people that are with them today. If we do spend the proper amount of time and instill traditions and standards to the community, it is more likely to pass down to future generations as well. It is our job to be able to make saving energy compatible in their lifestyle and something they do as a habit rather than a forced endeavor. For example, on a simple note we can all turn off lights if no one is in a house and turn off house hold appliances as well.   On an international level, we should implement a plan to future the education of the energy to follow the countries. With this basis of knowledge we should be able to future our conservation and help our future generations to maintain the same life style we have today.



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