Can the issue of pollution really be solved in city areas?

by Faetitia Desamours on March 27, 2014


Pollution is one of the most popular discussed environmental issues out there today. There are hundreds of articles telling consumer’s ways to reduce pollution and the negative effects it has on health and the environment. However, despite how prevalent this topic is and ways that can help stop pollution I am forced to ask, can the issue of pollution really be solved? See ever since the industrialization of America, machinery, factories, and cars came about to make life easier for humans. Of course it comes with a price, our health, but are people willing to give up convenience for health? When I look at the contributions of pollution in the city the list can go on for days. From cars and buses, that a lot of people rely on every day in the city for transportation, to household chemicals and emissions from industries it is impossible to picture a world without these things that are damaging our health and our planet.

Of course there are ways pollution can be reduced. The recent invention of hybrid cars to help reduce fossil fuel emission is one way that pollution can be reduced. However we all know hybrids are way more expensive than a regular car. The ironic thing about hybrid cars is many people who own them are wealthy and live in the suburbs when the ones who need it most are the ones living in the city since that is where the majority of pollution occurs. Unfortunately not everyone can afford a hybrid car and therefore although we are presented with a great alternative once again it is not affordable for some people. So how much of a difference in reducing pollution will it actually make if majority of people do not own a hybrid car? In addition to the introduction of hybrid cars in an attempt to reduce pollution in urban places, recycling has also increased and is being implemented heavily in everyday routines. For example CVS recently went completely bag less and they only hand out paper bags. There are many stores and supermarkets that encourage people to buy a one- time reusable shopping bag now as well. Not only do most places have a trash bin but they also have recycling bins as well. These are all great ways to reduce re-use and recycle but in a way they can be inconvenient, specifically the recent change CVS made to only using paper bags. Although we can clearly see the world making small changes, remember there are many more stores out there that still use plastic and they definitely outnumber the ones that don’t. In addition, it would be too expensive to eradicate all air pollution because it would require specialized equipment and machinery.

The purpose of this post was to pose a realistic question asking if pollution is an issue that can really be solved in the city. When I look at the contributions to pollution and all the possible solutions it simply points to one answer which is no, not because it is impossible but because the changes required to yield a pollution free world is not always convenient, affordable, or feasible.

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