Animal Conservation

by Anna Mei on March 27, 2014

Lion family

Animal conservation is very important and has been a top priority for many environmentalists. The conservation of animals is very important for the ecosystem. It greatly affects the food chain and the life cycle of not just one animal but every organism in the ecosystem as well. It is important to maintain this balance but unfortunately due to human activity, many animals have become extinct, or close to the point of extinction. It is necessary for humans to act now to preserve these animals in order to increase their numbers.

Currently, there is a huge decline in the population of tigers and lions. It is believed that the population of tigers has decreased by more than 90% in the last century alone. Tigers are often hunted for its pelts as well as bones. Tiger bone is hunted after for traditional Chinese medicine and other parts of the worlds, even though the actual effectiveness of this medicine is not proven. Another animal that is rapidly decreasing in number are the majestic lions. According to BBC, in October 2003 the number of lions in Africa decreased from 200,000 to less than 20,000 since the 1980s. Lions are very popular for hunting and humans encroach on to their habitats, which are reasons why the population of lions are decreasing rapidly. Rhinos are also rapidly decreasing in numbers. Many collectors seek for rhino’s horns because they are very valuable. It is reported that there are currently 18,000 rhinos in Africa and about three rhinos are killed every month.  The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) is currently working with governments to ban poaching of these extinct animals. Working with the government to enforce strict rules will hopefully help to decrease the number of poachers. Unfortunately, there will be poachers who will not care about the possibilities of extinction and still hunt for these animals. Therefore, IUCN also tried to breed near extinct animals in safe environments in order to help increase its numbers. When the animals appear to be old enough or ready to leave these monitored environments, they will be reintroduced in the wild. Even after being reintroduced into the wild, they will be monitored to make sure that they are healthy and are getting use to their original habitat.

Tigers hunted for their bones.

Protecting the species of animals is very important for the balance of our environment. We need to realize that this is a big issue and need to begin adjusting this problem now. This problem will take a long time but everyone has to help in order to make this effective. Everyone can slowly help to increase the number of population of these animals in order to save them.


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