Keep Your Child Protected- Vaccinate!

by Kathleen Sheedy on March 26, 2014

A vaccine is prepared  to be given

A vaccine is prepared to be given

Should your child be vaccinated? Some argue that vaccinations are necessary and are preventable actions, while others believe that vaccines do more harm than good for a child. While people who argue against vaccines do make valid arguments, which I will mention, I do not agree with them. I believe that children should be vaccinated at the time recommended for the vaccine.


There are numerous reasons why children should be vaccinated and I fully support all of them. Listed below are just a few examples of why vaccination is so crucial:

1) Diseases are becoming rare due to vaccinations.

-There are some diseases that are sparse in the U.S., such as polio and diphtheria, due to the efforts to vaccinate against them. The rate of vaccination is greater than the rate of disease, so most people are protected and therefor very little cases are reported today (CDC, np.).

2) It is necessary to keep vaccinating until the disease is eliminated.

-Even if there are only a few cases of the disease today, if we were to stop vaccinating before it was completely eliminated, there would be more people who weren’t protected from the disease, so more people would become infected, which would lead to a spread of the disease (CDC, np.).

3) To protect the future.

-Vaccination is not done just to protect our children, but also the many generations to come. Vaccinating now can eliminate the disease, which would then allow future generations to not have to receive the vaccination. Vaccinations are the only way for sure to get rid of diseases (CDC, np.).

4) To keep children healthy.

-We never know when our children will be exposed to diseases. If we have them vaccinated, we will not have to worry whether they have been in contact with the disease or not because they will be protected from it (SouthHeartland, np.).

5) Immunizations are safe.

-There have been studies done to examine the short term and long term risks of immunizations, and experts have deemed immunizations safe and the best way to keep our children healthy (SouthHeartland, np.).

Vaccines protect our children and create a healthier environment for their generation and future generations to come.

Vaccines protect our children and create a healthier environment for their generation and future generations to come.


While I disagree with the argument of not vaccinating our children, it is necessary to give reasons why some believe we shouldn’t. The website, The Healthy Home Economist list reasons for not vaccinating- here are some of them:

1) All vaccines are loaded with chemicals and other poisons.

-Chemicals such as ones that are used as a disinfectant, ones that are associated with causing cancer, ones that are used in nail polish remover, etc. have all been found in vaccines and therefor have entered the blood. Do we really want these chemicals in our child’s blood?

2) Fully Vaccinated Children are the unhealthiest and most chronically ill.

-There is no formal study about this actually being the case, but it is believed if you were to ask the mothers in your friend group/ circle, you would see that children who are vaccinated are getting sick more often.

3) Other countries are noticing the dangers of vaccines.

-Both Japan and Australia have made restrictions for how old you have to be to receive vaccines. The result of Japan waiting longer for a child to be vaccinated has caused their infant mortality rate to decrease. If the U.S were to do this too, their infant mortality rate would also decrease.

4) Some vaccines have caused problems and have already been removed from the market.

-Many vaccines have been taken off the market for a reason other than what is given. While the reason they state may be because of sales, it is usually because of the health problems associated with the vaccine.

5) Once vaccinated, you cannot get undo the vaccination.

-Some believe that because the immune system continues to develop years after birth, it is better to wait to get your children vaccinated after they have developed to reduce the risk of health problems. If you get your child vaccinated too early, there is no turning back/ ability to reduce the risk of health problems.

6) Pharmaceutical Companies can’t be trusted.

-There have been many cases where a drug has been deemed unsafe or dangerous but the pharmaceutical companies covered it up for years and continued to sell it. If this was the case for many drugs, how can we trust that the drugs we are taking today are safe?


Efforts, such as scientific studies, vaccination facts, and images and stories of sick children all from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, were made to get the message out that vaccines were safe and helpful in keeping a person healthy. The goal of this campaign was to increase the number of people who would get their child vaccinated. However, the campaign backfired. Instead of changing parents’ minds, it had either no effect at all or a negative effect. After reading and listening to the campaign, the study found that those who were planning on getting their child vaccinated still planned on doing so, and those who were not planning on getting their child vaccinated were still not going to. The negative affect this campaign had was that their methods of informing people about vaccines were too harsh. People did not want to see pictures or hear stories of sick children who had not been vaccinated- and once they did see the pictures, they became more concerned about the side effects of the vaccines. This method actually turned people away from listening to the rest of the campaign. Another negative about this campaign was that it assumed that people who were not vaccinating their children were not educated and that if they were educated, they would get their child vaccinated. This was not the case because most people who choose not to vaccinate are actually very well informed and educated (NBC news). While the campaign had all good intentions, it did not work the way it was hoped to.


Doctors, pharmacists, and other medical experts have all deemed that vaccines are safe and the most reliable way to keep children healthy. However, the most recent campaign to change people’s view on vaccines backfired. Getting people to vaccinate their kids is so important, that another method needs to be attempted in order to change the minds of those who do not believe in vaccinations. The next campaign can’t be too harsh on the reader’s eyes, and should not insult those who do not believe in vaccination yet. When this is met, hopefully there will be an increase in kids getting vaccinated, and a more healthy/ protected country.





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