If CVS stops selling tobacco products will that reduce lung cancer and better our environment?

by Faetitia Desamours on February 19, 2014


I recently saw this topic online and I thought it was very interesting. It led me to question if CVS stopped selling cigarettes and other tobacco products would that really make a difference in the world? I mean I know the purpose of that would be to limit the amount of places people could buy cigarettes in hopes of ending exposure to second hand smoke, and potentially reducing the amount of people diagnosed with lung cancer due to smoking. However, CVS is just one of the many places people can buy cigarettes. Although CVS is known worldwide and there are thousands of them around are we forgetting the corner stores, the smoke shops, Stop&Shop, Walgreens, and every gas station? All these places sell thousands of addictive cigarettes to individuals every day!

However I do think that if CVS stops selling tobacco products there might be a slight decline in the amount of people who smoke. CVS is known for the amount of discounts and coupons they give out especially the extra bucks and with the increase in the price of cigarettes CVS is a good place to get them at a discounted price. In terms of reducing lung cancer I doubt it will make a difference because there are other ways for people to get their hands on them. I do find it ironic how CVS, a drugstore with a pharmacy who’s intention is to help heal people, are selling tobacco products. It makes sense for all the other places like gas stations to sell them because they are not pharmacies with intentions to keep people healthy, but having it at a place where health is the focus is very ironic. At the same time it does go to show how at the end of the day all businesses care about is money. Cigarettes are one of the most lucrative things out there and anywhere that sells them are bound to bring in a good amount of money from it, reason being is they are addictive and truth is, they are meant to be that way!

How would this effect the environment? I think it would be the same situation as the issue with lung cancer. There might be a decline in the amount of pollution from smoking but just because CVS decides to stop selling it does not mean people will quit smoking. They will simply just find another place to get it from but I guess it is good to start somewhere. Perhaps if a big business like CVS stops selling them it will leads to other places to do the same. After all we do all know how bad cigarettes are not only bad for ourselves but for the environment. In an article I read it stated that studies show that cigarette butts, which are found everywhere, makes up 34% of the waste in California. Not only has that, but the production of tobacco involved the death of many trees which we all know are an essential part to our environment.

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