Are you Ecosexual?

by Sara Bustos on February 19, 2014


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Sexuality is a difficult yet very important topic that we as humans have a problem discussing and accepting. It is clear that throughout history, sexuality has changed tremendously, and what used to be unacceptable is now becoming more common. In the past, heterosexuality was the only sexuality accepted by most Americans, however, today in many states homosexuals can now get married and form families. Furthermore, sexual orientation has expanded from just heterosexuality and homosexuality; now society has accepted bisexuality, asexuality, polysexuality, pansexuality, and transexualism. But have you heard of Ecosexuality yet?


Elizabeth Stephens, an interdisciplinary artist, Annie Sprinkle, an internationally known muti-media artist  and their immense love for Earth started Ecosexuality. Elizabeth never found herself comfortable in a particular sexual orientation until her mid-forties when she felt a peculiar connection to nature. With the help of Annie, she now describes herself as a “proud tree-hugging, herb loving, and animal cuddling ecosexual” and she will never return to her “closet” again.


So how does it work? How can a person essentially marry the earth and fulfill the natural human wants with such a huge mass?


Ecosexuality is about making the earth our lovers. We might already refer to earth as “mother” earth; however, ecosexuals do not believe this is the correct way to approach it. A mother’s job is to take care of us, but an ecosexual takes care of earth, as a lover would do. Ecosexuals make love to earth. People that identify with such sexuality hug trees, massage the earth with their feet and erotically talk to plants. They also worship the sun, nature and love to skinny dip in the natural waters of earth. They make sure they take in as much beauty as possible.


But don’t all of us sort of do the same thing? Don’t we love going to the beach on a hot summer day, swim in the natural waters and feel the sand between our fingers? Some of us love the going hiking, exploring, and even traveling all around the world to see beautiful landscapes? We enjoy earth with each of our senses, so how come most of us are not ecosexual? We are not all ecosexuals because we are not all as passionate and dedicated to the earth as one should be.


Ecosexuals consider their sexuality as their primary identity, they are so committed that they even have their own pledge which states,  “I promise to love, honor and cherish you Earth, until death brings us closer together forever.” They are also willing to do anything in their power to stop rape, abuse and poisoning of the Earth. Their community is growing, to include all kinds of people from artists to business professionals. Therefore, if you find yourself loving the Earth as much as described, you too can consider yourself an Ecosexual. If not, remember that it is still important to take care of Earth because “she” is our home.

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